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Perfect for Social Media Influencers, Instagram Models, Psychics, Fitness Professionals, Counselors, IT Experts, and so much more.

We have an amazing product that you can start using NOW to generate more sales on your website. In just a few short minutes you could have access to your private control panel where you can create unlimited pay per minute user accounts. You can set the pay per minute rate, call status availability, view your call history, view your sales and even hire prople to answer pay per minute calls!

We provide everything that is needed. Once you create an account you will receive a simple line of code that you can embed into any website. This code will display your call button (and current status). Users can click on your call button, register on your website, add funds via credit card and connect to you.

No coding is needed and everything is secure and encrypted. Did we mention that you also receive a toll free phone number? That's right, your visitors can connect with you or any pay per minute user account by using the full featured click to call form or by simply dialing your toll-free phone number.

We also offer you the ability to hire people that will answer pay per minute calls. You can create their account, set their percentage and view their progress. Pay Per Minute users that you create will have their own private control panel.


Advice Line

Offer advice on any topic. Help callers while making money at the same time.

Life Coach

Now you can start profiting from the high demand, multi-billion dollar life coaching industry.

Psychic Line

Offer Psychic Readings by phone which gives your callers the clarity, and peace of mind.

Technical Support

Now you can start profiting from the high demand, multi-billion dollar life coaching industry

It all starts with the click of a button! A Very Powerful Button.

Your Pay Per Minute Buttons will appear anywhere on your website that you paste in the code. The button will display the user's current status (Online or Offline). You can use our standard button design as shown to the left, or create and upload your own custom designed buttons. You can even paste the same Pay Per Minute Buttons on multiple websites. This means you can hire and create accounts for several people that will answer incoming Pay Per Minute calls. The people you hire will be able to see their call history, current profit, turn their call status off and change their avatar image if they wish. As the owner you can set their profit percentage and view in real-time every call and your percentage of the sale!

So Many AMAZING Features that it is hard to describe them on one page. But INCREDIBLY easy to use at the same time!

Let's go through the process of how a visitor to your website can connect with you or one of your hired user accounts and pay to to talk on the phone. The process is so simple yet provides so many options!

  • A website visitor sees that you have a pay per minute button featuring someone they would like to talk to.
  • The visitor clicks on the button and instantly a call form appears. Visitors are not directed away from your website.
  • The visitor clicks the registration option and quickly creates and account.
  • The account is instantly approved and the customer can now add a credit card. All credit cards are stored securely at the payment gateway.
  • Next the customer clicks on the green Click to Call button and they can select their country and enter their phone number.
  • The customer will then receive an automated call asking them to hold while the person they want to speak with is connected.
  • This is when you or any hired pay per minute account user receives an automated call informing them that they have a call.
  • To connect you only have to press 1 or say 'Yes'. At that point the customer will be connected to the entertainer on a pay per minute basis.
  • The customer is able to stay on the call as long as they wish (provided they have the funds).
  • The customer can also hit the star key to end the call and return to the main menu.
  • From there the customer can enter the extension of another entertainer.

Please watch our short video below to get a better idea of how easy this is.


Watch our Short Explainer Video to see just how Awesome and Easy this System is!


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